If you are interested in joining our montly hackathons, please come and join us! No skill level needed, just an eagerness to learn and build...and plenty of cafine!

What is a Hackathon ?

A Hackathon is typically a 24 long hour event, but can go anywhere from 10 hours (which is known as a mini-hack) to 36 hours. In these events, teams of 4

must create some sort of software/hardware application in order to compete to win prizes. These applications can range from image recognition

applications, machine learning, arduino programming, drones, websites, etc! Your application is only limited by your imagination!

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What if I am new to Programming? Or What if I am not the best coder ?

Hackathons are open to anyone! You can come to hackathon to just learn a new technology or learn

from other coders or simply browsing the web and take on a project that captures your attention.

You do not need to be a professional coder by any means!

Cool! Where do I sign up ?

We will typically have a 24 hour hackathon on campus every last Friday of the month, sometimes less.

We will usually have a "Enroll" button at the top of this page when sign-ups are open, so check back here often! (PS: We will probably send out an email

in advance! ;)

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