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The first Computer Science Club on campus in a very long time!
Come and learn practical hands-on skills, network with classmates, build your resume, and
so much more!

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Coding Workshops

Learn how to create video games, learn a new programming language, develope beautiful and responsize websites, build applications, and so much more.

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Assemble a team and compete in our hackathons at the end of the semester!

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Guest Speakers

Listen to what people working in the industry have to say about their field. Come and learn a few things from our speakers!

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Get your burning questions answered by your fellow Computer Science students. Ask questions about what the CS degree offers or maybe just to hang out with your club members!

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Interview Preperation

Come to our coding interview prep sessions where we teach you how to prepare for your Computer Science job interveiw. Learn and go over complex algorithm questions and much more.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Want to teach a workshop or help out? csclubcsustan@gmail.com